Guest List

Andrew W.K.: "I would invite a zombie or at least someone with that kind of look. I would invite a ninja. It doesn't have to be a professional ninja but at least someone that looks like a ninja and aspires to be what ninjas offer the world.

"I would invite a unicorn or at least a horse with some kind of horn strapped to its head. I actually have been to a couple children's birthday parties where they did have a unicorn. They do exist. At bar mitzvahs and things, it can be some dream of a child to actually ride on a unicorn.

"You've seen how they do pony rides and things like that? Strap a horn on one of those things, or if you drive the horn into its skull, you can actually make it permanent. I don't know if it hurts or harms the horse's brains, but just jam that horn in and you're good to go.

"Lastly, I would invite a robot. The Honda Corporation out of Japan have built some really incredible, impressive robots that can walk and dance. I think that would be the life of the party. It would really get everybody going."