Producer: Nottz
Album: Pay Jay
Label: N/A

“Diamonds” was set to be released on Dilla's sophomore album and MCA Records debut, Pay Jay in 2003. But due to MCA folding into Geffen, the album was shelved and Dilla lost his deal. The bulk of Pay Jay was to be handled by outside producers, giving Mr. Yancey a wide array of beats to spit over. Kanye West, Pete Rock and Hi-Tek were just a few of the notable contributors, but one of the album's brightest moments was the Nottz-produced “Diamonds.”

The not-so-"conscious" Dilla dedicated this one to a girl's best friend, kicking rhymes about his obsession with sparkling rocks. Nottz carefully chopped Seals & Crofts' “Diamond Girl” sample as if he was vying for a spot on the dean's list at Dilla Academy. Unfortunately for Dilla's family (but fortunately for fans), Pay Jay's masters found their way online in 2009, and have been heavily bootlegged ever since.