Album: Cee-Lo Green... Is the Soul Machine
Label: Arista

Rico Wade: "This was one of the beats that I did where Ludacris got off—he killed it. The beat itself was just where we was at at the time, stylewise. It's sort of like that song we did for Luda called 'Blueberry Yum Yum.' We just try to manipulate melodies; that's how we come up with that stuff. Plus, we never did and never do use samples in our music. That's the challenge. This song was a circus vibe, like 'Cell Therapy.' It was just one of our random weird vibes, like OutKast's 'Mighty O.' What the kids are doing right now is not what we're doing really. But I love what they're doing. And I'm inspired by it. Like, I like Pharrell because I met him. I like Dr. Dre because I met him. But the ones who really inspire me are those right here with me, like Ray. We motivate each other every day."