Original Song: Percy Sledge "When A Man Loves A Woman" (1966)

This hard-rock refugee (he'd been in the '70s band Blackjack, and his 1983 solo debut near-hit “Fools Game” was actually really good) built an easy-to-scoff-at career out of belting out even-more-gut-busting blue-eyed soul versions of '60s soul songs that were generally pretty darn gut-busted in the first place: from Otis Redding, Four Tops, Ray Charles, the usual suspects. This was the biggest of those (No. 1 for one week), if not quite as big as 1989's “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” (No. 1 for three weeks.) It'd probably be hard to convince you that demolishing a Laura Branigan song he co-wrote counts as blasphemy, though, so I won't try.