Original Song: Neil Young "Heart Of Gold" (1972)

The world's greatest wedding band, as critic Frank Kogan has called them, had only one hit in the United States: A cover of The Melodians' Harder They Come/Psalms 137:1 reggae “Rivers Of Babylon” that got to No. 30. But like soccer, they were massive most everywhere else on the planet—second only to Abba among '70s Europopsters. And oh yeah, their producer was Frank Farian, later the mad brain behind Milli Vanilli. On their albums, they turned Roger Miller, the Yardbirds, the Creation, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Creedence, Cole Porter, Little Willie John—the list goes on and on—into Sprockets-and-soul harmonized West Indies disco. It always sounded beautiful, in “what were they thinking?” ways. Particularly here—though who knows if any Boneys had ever actually been to Hollywood and Redwood?