Best Line: "Murder-cedes Benz or that bubble double R/Headlights flicking, looking like a falling star"
Producer: Just Blaze
Album: Take Care
Label: Cash Money/Universal Republic

While the bulk of his verse on Drake's “Lord Knows” traffics in the signifiers of wealth that we're well familiar with at this point, Just Blaze's epic production seems to bring out something extra in Ross. The emotional impact doesn't quite translate to the page. There are a huge number of memorable lines, from Ross' shouts to the Tribe to his admission that his true love is the pen.

But the most memorable moment comes when he describes headlights that flicker like a fallen star. To Ross, there is an aesthetic perfection to success, parallel to a child's awe when beholding stars in the cosmos. His passion is writing about success as if it were the natural order of things, and we're all still innocent enough to be impressed.