The new video for Madonna's "Give Me All Your Love" went down in New York City last week and while at the video shoot, the Pop singer and M.I.A. surprised Nicki Minaj by singing for her on her birthday. That wasn't all, though. They also kissed (which you can hear at the end of the song) and if you follow the Barb on Twitter, you know how excited she got over the smooch.

OH MY f'ingggg Gahhhh!!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!!!! It felt sooooo good. Soooo soft!!!! *passes out* aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

You can guarantee the video of this moment will set the internet on fire, if and when it surfaces. Stay tuned for the video to Madonna's single to be released soon.

Listen to the birthday wishes below.

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