Boogie Down Productions, By All Means Necessary (1988)

Label: Jive/RCA

Pusha T: "KRS-One was the epitome of hip-hop and storytelling. KRS-One is a rap god, but he and Chuck D get passes [for being positive]. You look at KRS-One—and who Scott LaRock was to him and how he went down—and he could have easily turned that into angst and anarchy. He could have been like, ‘Fuck it. You just did this,’ and it really could have went all the way bad, and it didn’t. He still kept his stance. He still did ‘Love’s Gonna Getcha.’

“We sort of succumb to the bullshit and the negativity, and these guys fought against all of that shit. They fought and put out music with the best of them. They still prevailed. These albums are reflections of them, and that’s why I give them that competitive spirit. They didd something harder than probably everybody on my list.”