Jay-Z, The Black Album (2003)

Label: Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

Pusha T:The Black Album has ‘Allure’ and a bunch of my favorite records. ‘Allure’ is one of my favorite records ever. Some of the verses on ‘What More Can I Say,’ ‘Encore,’ ‘99 Problems,’ which is probably one of the best videos ever shot.

“‘Public Service Announcement,’ I just watched him perform that on the Watch The Throne tour, and it still feels like it came out yesterday. It’s timeless. ‘Lucifer’ is one of the hardest records ever made.

“You can’t have all of those and that album not be in the top. All them shits make way too much sense. It was sickening to a lot of people. Not only is the album in the Top 25 because the music’s great, but you have to take everything surrounding it. High schoolers were walking around in fucking button-ups and cuff-links.”