Producer: The Cataracs

Album: Doggumentary

Label: Doggystyle/Priority

Best Youtube Comment: “Everyone's laughing right, because we all know it was Jesus who walked on water and Moses who parted the sea. And I'm not even Christian.” - ChocolateExplosion

Complex says: Snoop’s uncanny ability to reinvent himself has allowed him to keep making hits after nearly 20 years in the game. That’s why he blew us away when he embraced Auto-Tune and made the amazing '70s themed video for his 2008 hit, “Sexual Eruption.”

As impressive as that was, he went back to the well once too often when he decided to make “Wet.” The song is a blatant knock-off of “Sexual Eruption”—but with half the suaveness and none of the intrigue. Let's call it what is was: a lazy reach. And despite its name, "Wet" couldn’t be more dry.

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