When Snoop Dogg heard that Ian Neale grew the world's biggest "swede" (a type of turnip), he must have misheard and thought dude was growing the biggest weed. In his head, he probably imagined a towering marijuana plant, and he was so impressed that he invited the U.K. farmer to one of his shows to share his secrets.

The vegetable farmer took him up on the offer, and he enjoyed some VIP treatment and face time with Snoop himself. In the above video, Mr. Neale giddily explains to a reporter, "I met him last night, and I had a smoke with him. I don't smoke, but he offered me one, so I took one!" The reporter responds, "I'm hoping that's just tobacco." Ian's face lights up and he assures, "No, it wasn't!" Then he bursts into laughter.

If all the other turnip farmers weren't already jealous of Ian Neale, they surely are now.