Label: Loud/Columbia/SME Records
Worst Song: "All I Got Is You Pt. 2" f/ Big Bub


For whatever reason, Raekwon The Chef decided to cook up his sophomore album using a recipe for disaster. His 1995 debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... still stands as one of the greatest rap recordings ever released so of course his sophomore album was highly anticipated. He waited four years to release it but Immobilarity simply wasn't worth the wait and it didn't spawn the kind of classic material we were so accustomed to hearing from him.

The main problem was Rae failed to ask his partner-in-rhyme Ghostface Killah to spits a single verse on the album and, even worse, he got production efforts from everyone but RZA—both of whom contributed heavily to the success of OB4CL. Besides the failure of the music, the album also marked the decline of the entire Wu-Tang Clan as many of the members dealt with commercial and artistic struggles throughout the 2000s. Rae's third album didn't fare much better than his second and he didn't return to prominence until 2009 when he released a worthy sequel to his debut, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2...