Jason Goldwatch: "We were shooting the grocery store. I really liked the cast. Interesting looking people and they brought this sort of edge to it. So I cast this strange old man to be the security guard at the grocery store.

"This old man was there in his outfit, and he started doing magic tricks with cards, like close card tricks. He was blowing everybody’s minds. He would say, 'Think of a card,' and then you would think of it, and he’d just pull the card, no tricks or nothing. Incredible shit.

"Then Tyler shows up. So he comes over and the guy pulls a card and everybody freaks out. And Tyler is like 1000% unaffected by this dude’s magic. Mind you, this old man, the people who own the store, the real security guards, and all these people standing around haven’t met Tyler or know what we’re doing. We haven’t even started shooting there, it’s a just a spectacle at this point.

"Tyler goes, 'Yeah, my mom was a magician.' And everyone gets kind of quiet and turns around like, 'What?' And he’s just like, 'Yeah. She used to make my dad’s dick disappear.' So I start dying laughing, the real security’s tripping out, and the store owners were offended. It was just the funniest, cross-cultural moment."