Ghostface Killah f/ Trife “Be Easy” (2006)

Album: FishScale

Label: Def Jam

Pete Rock: “Going to the studio in Staten Island and hanging out with Ghost was great. When I started playing beats for him, he was very attentive, and that’s what I liked about him. Everything I was playing him was fire, but he’s not too picky. He’s like, ‘I like this, and I like this, and I like this, and I like that.’ It was easy working with Ghost.

“I think [we linked up through] his manager Mike Caruso, or through hanging out in a Busta Rhymes session talking to somebody, something like that. Somewhere in the facility of what we do. I expressed to him that I’d love to work with him. I did like five joints for Fishscale. They only used three. One of the songs that they didn’t use on Fishscale, ‘How You Like Me Baby,’ is now on the Apollo Kids album.”

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