Her Relationship With Left Brain & Odd Future

Kreayshawn: “I’ve known Left Brain for like four or five years. We’re all creative people so we all draw to each other. We had mutual friends and I’d always known him as a photographer before Odd Future.

“I remember when Odd Future first came out to San Francisco for their first show and they were all tiny little kids. I was like, ‘What! Look at all these tiny little kids! These little punk rock rebels.’ Jasper and Hodgy and all them, I really just met them when I moved to L.A. through smoking, going to parties, and hanging out on Fairfax.

“[Me and Tyler, The Creator] have met each other. But I’ve never had the chance to really have a conversation with him or anything like that. He’s a private guy. Right when I came to L.A. was when he was blowing up. But we’ve definitely been in the studio together and I definitely see him at parties and shit. We say what’s up, but he’s not like coming over for dinner. [Laughs.]”