Little Brother “Whatever You Say” (2003)

9th Wonder: “'Whatever You Say’ was a beat that I did and this random guy who raps claimed he was going to have me on BET in six months if I rocked with him. He said, ‘Once I lace this, you might as well get ready to go on your shopping spree.’ And I said, ‘Aight, whatever dude.’ So he gets on the beat, and just messes the beat up.

”The next day, Phonte gets in, and I let him hear the song, and he goes, ‘This dude is wack, but what’s up with that beat though?’ And I said, ‘It’s ours.’ So I took the dude off, Phonte got on it, the end of story. But regarding that dude, the last time I saw him he was playing flag football somewhere.”

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