Produced by: Ant Banks

E-40: “See me and Too $hort put that together cause neither one of us came up under a big-time rapper. Too $hort came up under himself. He did his own thing. He wasn't fucking with no big-time rapper or nothing like that and I wasn't tied to no big-time rapper. We really did it from the grass roots. We did stuff that today's artists wouldn't be able to do, man! Cause nowadays you got push—we didn't have no Internet, none of that shit, man. It was all because we had true talent.

“I'm not knocking today's artists, I'm just saying we had some shit that everybody else just didn't have. There'll never be another E-40. There'll never be another Too $hort. It'll never be another Spice 1. It just won't. We cut from a whole different cloth and they don't make ‘em like us anymore. We was just telling our story about how we really sold tapes out the trunk of our car, really did it from the ground up. It was really word of mouth, we didn't need radio play. It was really hood shit. The hood is what made us.