In a clip where we couldn't understand a single word coming out of Yung L.A.'s mouth, we managed to learn a lot about Leland. We hadn't heard much from the futuristic rapper as of late but from what we learned watching this video is he's no longer apart of T.I.'s Grand Hustle label. Apparently, he's dropping his upcoming mixtape titled, Tatttoos & Jewelry, out March 15 (if you really care), and to promote it, Leland did what most dumb rappers are doing these days. Similiar to Gucci Mane's atrocious ice cream tattoo (on his face), Leland took to the tattoo parlor to get a tattoo of a duck. That's right—on his face. The tattoo was actually the logo of Atlanta-based record label Duct Tape Ent. which we assume Leland was hinting that he had signed to the label. This is the part the kills us. Atlanta rapper Alley Boy, who is apart of the DTE family, killed any rumors that Leland was even apart of Duct Tape to begin with. This one will definitely go down as L of the week.

[WSHH via Ozone]