Our brothers over at HipHopDX put together this dope infographic last week (which we somehow missed, #latepass) about the rise and fall of the King of Crunk Lil Jon. Like you, we remember the era when Lil Jon was doing ad-libs on Usher songs, making the club get obscene amounts of crunk, and becoming a national icon thanks to Dave Chappelle's genius skits. Nowadays, Jon is getting money selling freakin' pizzas and all we can do is shake our heads. Rather than let the present depress us, HHDX let us know it's okay to put on our shades, raise up our Crunk Juice-filled pimp cups, and scream, "YEAAHH!" like it's 2004. So take a look back at the Rise and Fall of Lil Jon. WHAT?!?!?! OKAYYYY!!!!