Year: 1991
Produced By: Boogiemen
Album: I Wish My Brother George Was Here
Label: Elektra

Ice Cube's cousin, Del the Funkee Homosapien, clearly inherited his family's talent on the mic, but also took things in a different direction, favoring laid-back lyricism over the righteous anger that characterized so much of Cube's catalog at that time. On this track, Del kicks three verses handily clowning on some square named Bob Dobalina, over a jazzy breakbeat. Few songs have more bogus backstories than Del's "Mistadobalina." There never was anyone named Bob Dobalina, he's just a stand-in for the typical second-person sucker that so many rap songs depend on. The name, in fact, comes from a sample of The Monkees' song "Zilch."