Year: 1996
Produced By: Khayree
Album: Untouchable
Label: Relativity

One of many Macs from northern Vallejo, Mall was far more popular in the '90s than Dre ever was, and managed to avoid beef with 40's Sic-Wid-It Records, from the south side of Vallejo (though he didn't manage to avoid having a brief beef with Mac Dre himself). While his first record, Illegal Business?, is an undeniable classic, this track off of his sophomore effort, Untouchable, was a bigger hit for being, well, better. Khayree produced this track, and much of the biggest non-E-40 hits out of Vallejo in the early '90s. Over Khayree's keyboard and blown-out synths, Mall picks up freaks from a house party. It also includes the unfortunate phrase "hands on her cock."