Release date: January 18
Likelihood of release: Definitely
Producer: N/A
Collaborations: N/A
What we know: Arcade Fire's Win Butler and Regine Chassagne currently stand as the Jay-Z and Beyonce of indie rock, but Tennis is the scene's next hot married couple. Last year, Best Coast updated '60s surf rock and scored one of 2010's best albums. Tennis takes it even further back, channeling '50s lounge rock, and the results are impressive. The Denver duo of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore took an eight-month break to travel the Atlantic coast, and as they're both musicians, naturally made music along the way. "Marathon" caught our attention last year, and we're already playing this advance copy of Cape Dory front to back. Watch the band named after the sport we played when didn't make the football team take over the indie scene in 2011.

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