Ski: "We was working on Reasonable Doubt at the time. Anything I made hot, Jay was trying to have dibs on it. We [was working] every day. I was making the beat, calling him, and he was coming to the crib. I was living in Brooklyn. He was literally right around the corner from me. We lived right there by Junior's.

"The system we had, we would make music first, he would reference it in my house. Back then we was paying for studio time and we didn’t want to pay for studio time and just sit in the studio. We would do pre-production at the crib, he would go home and get the lyrics memorized even more, and then go to the studio and re-lay it. He would just get in his own place, stare into space, and next thing you know, an hour later he got a song. He just wrote them and went in the booth, it took him two or three takes at most and it was done."

"I had done 'Politics As Usual' for Jay-Z, but Camp Lo wanted the beat because of the horns. And they was like, 'Yo how you gonna give that beat to Jay-Z? What about us? You always giving Jay the dope beats!'"

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