Produced by: Shamello & Buddah
"Things slowly started getting back to normal after Big's death, business as usual. I was representing two producers, Shamello and Buddha, who had a production company called Prophecy Entertainment. Shamello had worked on several projects in the past, he was a good dude. Buddha was a newcomer. They lived in Long Island, where they had a studio. One night, Buddha literally stumbled upon this Seals & Crofts sample and looped it. The track sounded hot. They then took a food break and headed out to like a Burger King. On their way, they ran into Busta Rhymes, Shamello was cool with him. Bus asked them what they were working out, Shamello let him hear the track that the rookie Buddha had cooked, and Buss lost his mind. Prophecy was hired on the spot to record what would be 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See.' When that song hit the radio, the industry went nuts. When he debuted the song on the radio, Funk Flex must have played that song 10 times in a row, no exaggeration. Out of all the songs I've worked, none had as much raw impact at this one. Shit was monstrous, like Godzilla even.

"Soon after, all the labels came calling, everybody wanted a piece of the crack that Prophecy was baking. Buddha was more than blessed with beginner's luck. Unfortunately, that sample ate up all the publishing, Hall and Oates taking half and Busta taking the remaining share. It's effed up that Prophecy didn't get a percentage of the copyright, only because that song still stays on banger mode. They did go on to produce some other songs and even discovered Petey Pablo, but they never came close to producing another smash as huge as this. It's not like they were blackballed or anything, it was just that the industry realized that they didn't have anything else in their bag of tricks that was as massive as 'Put Your Hands.'"