Jim Says: "Craig Kallman calls this meeting, because I have B.o.B signed and I wanted B.o.B to get this deal done with T.I.. T.I. had reached out and had wanted to sign him in a joint venture with me. After the meeting, I give T.I. a CD with a couple joints and "Whatever You Like." He took it had a couple ideas, wrote the song. Craig Kallman calls me and says, "I think we may have T.I.'s first single." He sent it to me. I listen to it, and tell him I need to go in with him in Atlanta and help re-produce the vocals and make them right. We got the melodies right together, I went in and produced it and finished it with him. A lot of that melody, the idea, the concept was his. He's a genius, man. I wrote the music, and helped produce the vocals,

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