An Atlanta woman was arrested in Pensacola, Florida after she turned violent when her family members wouldn’t pray with her.

As reported by ABC affiliate WEAR-TV, Dyshannon Norris, 49, has been charged with battery for allegedly pinning a family member against the wall, biting him on the chest, and then ripping off his shirt as he tried to escape from her. The incident took place last Wednesday.

Norris apparently became overwhelmed with anger when her family refused to pray with her over her mother’s health, and started screaming that the entire family had been possessed. 

Pensacola Police Department officers arrived around 6:36 p.m. and found that the victim had a mouth bite mark on their left pectoral muscle. The victim was reportedly bruised and bleeding, and the injury was recorded on one a cop’s body camera. Norris was arrested and transported to Escambia County Jail before she was released on $1,000 bond the following day.