More than 40 people engaged in a massive brawl at a Pennsylvania Golden Corral on Friday, which allegedly occurred because the buffet ran out of steak. 

In a video shared with CBS Philly, customers can be seen throwing punches as chairs fly. At one point, a man can be heard screaming out, “all I wanted was some steak.”

“I’ve never seen nothing like that in Golden Corral before,” former employee Dylan Becker told the outlet. “From what I heard it was over steak, apparently somebody cut in line.”

Authorities are investigating what may have caused the upheaval, but a friend of Becker also said the fight broke out because the restaurant ran out of steak.

“There was a shortage of steak and two parties were involved and one family cut in front of another family,” Gaven Lauletta said. “They were taking their time and they ran out of steak and it got into a heated exchange at the tables.”

In a separate interview with WPVI, a customer named Alexis Rios who claimed to be standing behind the brawl’s initial aggressor said the misunderstanding also escalated because of masks.

“With COVID right now, mask and everything, nobody can hear nobody sometimes,” Alexis Rios said. “There’s a lot of commotion in there, the cooks behind there are talking, nobody can hear nobody. You have to speak up loud...I grabbed a chair to defend myself, and then sooner or later that was it.”

Police said the person that started the fight could face several charges including assault. Golden Corral responded to the fight in a statement.

“We notified the local authorities, and they are investigating the incident,” the statement read. “Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. The safety of our guests and co-workers is our top priority.”

Check out the video of the incident up top.