An ad agency in North Carolina took a truly inventive approach to encouraging more people to get vaccinated.

Earlier this week, a rolling billboard made its way through the Charlotte area, complete with the message “Don’t get vaccinated” spread across the small truck. At first glance, the truck-set billboard appeared to be boldly advertising for a funeral home by the name of Wilmore Funeral Home.

Wilmore Funeral Home, however, is not a real business.

“We wanted to do something that saw things from a different perspective,” David Oakley, owner of the BooneOakley agency, told a regional CBS News outlet earlier this week

As Oakley explained, the idea was inspired by imagining who might “really benefit” from the increasingly frustrating amount of people who refuse to get vaccinated. After landing on the funeral home idea, a site using its fake name was set up.

That site is indeed real and—at the time of this writing, at least—was still live. When heading to the site, visitors are met with an all-black screen emblazoned with the message “Get vaccinated now. If not, see you soon.”

Image via BooneOakley

The aim here, of course, is to help get those vaccination rates up. Not yet vaccinated? Hit this site to find a provider near you and make an appointment. Vaccines are the way forward. As of the most recent CDC data, dated Sept. 22, just under 55 percent of the total U.S population is fully vaccinated.