Candyman is at the forefront of everyone’s timelines today. Sadly, the discourse didn’t come about solely because of some random wave of appreciation for the slasher movie series that’s soon set to debut its fourth entry with a Jordan Peele-produced sequel to the 1992 original.

Instead, it all started with a multi-part TikTok saga in which—potential spoiler alert here—a woman in New York City ultimately discovered a hidden entrance in her apartment that led to what turned out to be not just a secret room of sorts, but a “whole other apartment.”

The entrance in question, notably, was found after Samantha Hartsoe (the woman at the center of the viral videos) and friends removed a mirror in the apartment bathroom. They arrived at this decision, as documented in part one of the “A New York City Mystery” TikTok series, after Hartsoe noticed a mysterious draft in the bathroom that couldn’t be traced back to easily explainable sources.

In comments given to Newsweek, Hartsoe gave saga enthusiasts an update, stating that she’s again aiming to get back in touch with her landlord after attempting to do so via email multiple times over the past month.

As for that aforementioned Candyman sequel, this week’s TikTok-spurred appreciation of the franchise bodes very well for the impending Nia DaCosta-directed movie starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and WandaVision standout Teyonah Parris. DaCosta’s film, a direct sequel to the 1992 movie of the same name, was originally expected to arrive last summer but has since been hit with several release delays due to the ongoing pandemic. For now, the movie is set for release this August via Universal Pictures.

Given that August feels like it’s eons away, it’s no surprise that the TikTok mystery saga has everyone dishing out Candyman references: