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A man was stabbed during a so-called “protest” against vaccine mandates in Los Angeles this weekend.

The Los Angeles Police Department said on Saturday they were “monitoring a protest” taking place at the south lawn of Los Angeles City Hall. At the time, police claimed they were at the scene to “maintain order” following a fight. Per a regional ABC report, Proud Boys—an SPLC-designated hate group—were among those on the “protest” side of the anti-vaxxer brawl.

“We are aware of 1 male that was stabbed [and] is being treated by [the Los Angeles Fire Department],” police said. “No arrests have been made but [an] investigation is ongoing.”

A Los Angeles Times report from James Queally and Alex Wigglesworth added that a fight broke out between anti-vaxxers and counter-protesters Saturday afternoon. Earlier in the day, around 2 p.m. local time, several hundred people—many equipped with what is typical at gatherings of this variety, i.e. American flags and whatnot—had gathered in the City Hall area.

In addition to the reported stabbing-related injury, a reporter on the scene—Frank Stoltze of LAist and Pasadena’s KPCC station—was seen exiting the park near City Hall while being “screamed at” by anti-vaccine/anti-mask groups. At one point, Stoltze was kicked, later telling police on the scene he was attacked while attempting to do an interview.

“Something happened to me today that’s never happened in 30 [years] of reporting. … I was shoved, kicked, and my eyeglasses were ripped off of my face by a group of guys at a protest,” Stoltze said, noting the “protest” in question was both anti-vaccine and pro-Trump:

Several cities have wisely announced new pandemic era policies requiring proof of vaccination to enter certain indoor businesses locations, including San Francisco and New York City. Major event-focused companies have also announced similar policies of their own, including AEG Presents and Live Nation.

Still not vaccinated? Stop fucking around and get on that immediately.