With days left until Nov. 3, polls suggest that President Donald Trump may lose the election to Joe Biden. The former vice president is leading Trump by nine points. Biden has continued to outpace Trump in donors and fundraising in key battleground states. More than 80 million voters have already cast early or mail-in votes, with states that report party affiliations showing the majority to be registered Democrats.

Trump has joked about fleeing the country should he lose to Biden, but his past statements and current actions say otherwise. Just as Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen testified in 2019, Trump has refused  to commit to a peaceful transfer of power and has even urged his campaign rally attendees to chant “12 more years.”  Along with filing lawsuits in multiple states questioning protocols around mail-in ballots, he’s most recently signed an executive order that could allow him to terminate nonpolitical members of the civil service—including nonpartisan experts like scientists and doctors—while protecting the positions of political appointees, thus potentially undermining the authority of the next president.

Trump is neither ready to lose nor make nice about it. Should Trump fail to concede, here are three potential ways things could go.