Duxbury High School, a Massachusetts football powerhouse that’s won five state titles since 2005, fired its head coach after it was relvealed that the team used anti-Semitic language during a game earlier this month. 

According to the Boston Globe, Duxbury players used terms such as “Aushwitz,” “rabbi,” and “dreidel” when calling audibles at the line of scrimmage during a March 12 game against Plymouth North High School. 

In a statement Wednesday, the school “severed ties” with head coach Dave Maimaron and cancelled this Friday’s game against Hingham. 

“We believe this is a necessary step in light of the recent incident involving the use of anti-Semitic language by Duxbury football players,” Duxbury superintendent John Antonucci told the Globe. “A decision about future games will be made at a later date. In light of what we’ve learned over the past couple of days, and how serious the matter is, we felt it would be tone-deaf to play a football game.”

Maimaron, who’s also a special education teacher at the school, has been placed on paid administrative leave pending further investigation. He released a statement this week in which he apologized for the incident. 

“On behalf of the staff and players of the Duxbury High School football team, I want to extend my apology for the insensitive, crass and inappropriate language used in the game on March 12th,” Maimaron said. He called the language “careless, unnecessary and most importantly hurtful on its face – inexcusable.”