Frida Kahlo’s “Diego y yo” painting was sold for $34.9 million Tuesday night in a Sotheby’s auction, becoming the most money spent on a piece of art by Latin American artist, NPR reports. The previous record of $9.8 million was held by Frida’s husband Diego Rivera, which sold “The Rivals” at a Christie’s auction in 2018. 

Created in 1949, “Diego y yo,” or “Diego and I” in English, is a self-portrait of Frida with tears falling from her eyes and a portrait of Diego on her forehead. According to ABC News, the piece was painted the same year that Rivera allegedly engaged in an extramarital affair with her friend and actress Maria Felix. In 1949, Diego painted “La Dona Maria Felix,” featuring a scantily clad Felix. 

“She has such a powerful gaze. She just stares at you, and she just cuts through,” Anna Di Stasi, Sotheby’s director for Latin American Art, said. “And those three tears rolling down her check are just the most powerful tears I have ever seen in the history of art.” 

“Diego y yo” was initially owned by a friend of the couple before being sold for $1.43 million at a Sotheby’s auction in 1990, making her the first Latin American artist to sell a piece for more than $1 million. The buyer has been identified as Eduardo Costantini, founder of MALBA, the Latin American Art Museum, in Argentina. 

Art historian Gannit Ankori pointed out to ABC News that Frida didn’t make a living from her paintings, and it wasn’t until after her death that people started “unraveling the depth” of her work.