Not everyone who spent $825 on their Chanel advent calendars this year was happy with the gifts they got inside.

Among the many people who documented opening the pricey item was TikTok user @eliseharmon, who revealed some of the goodies inside in a clip that has since gone viral. In her video, she can be seen calling some of the items a “joke” and opening small boxes that contained smaller items like stickers and what she called a keychain. Some of the bigger takeaways were a bottle of Chanel N°5, which runs for over $100, as well as some nail polish. 


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While the user claims a Chanel pendant on a bracelet was “giving plastic bottle cap,” it’s important to note that shoppers knew what was inside the product before they purchased it, as Chanel’s website states its contents for those interested. 

“To celebrate the holiday season and mark 100 years of the legendary fragrance, CHANEL presents a first-of-its-kind calendar crafted in the timeless silhouette of the N°5 flacon,” the site says. “Count down to the holidays with this collector’s item featuring 27 boxes numbered from 5 to 31, filled with mysterious delights and surprises. A piece to treasure for years to come. “

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that shoppers were disappointed. Others have shared their own unboxing videos, including Cindy of the YouTube channel “A Heated Mess,” who explained that she “got this so you don’t have to” and called it an “overpriced $825 sticker book.”

“I certainly enjoyed opening each day and hoping it wasn’t another set of stickers,” she adds in the video.

Some TikTokkers even claimed that Chanel deleted its TikTok account in response to the unboxings, but a Chanel spokesperson said that this wasn’t the case. As they explained, people knew what they were getting when they made their purchases. 

“We are sorry that this calendar may have disappointed some people,” they said, per The Guardian. “The exclusive content of the calendar has always been fully detailed on our website as well as on the packaging of the product: 27 boxes numbered from 5 to 31, containing full-size perfume and makeup products, miniatures and souvenirs all stamped with Gabrielle Chanel’s lucky number.”