A Long Island man who allegedly shouted “Let’s go!” after opening a door and directing rioters to enter the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot has been arrested.

Eric Gerwatowski, 31, was arrested on Tuesday in New Hyde Park. Per a report from WLNY, prosecutors have credited “online sleuths” with ultimately assisting in leading them to Gerwatowski, whose criminal complaint lists entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds and civil disorder among the list of Capitol-related violations.

Per court documents viewed by Complex, prosecutors took note of the hashtag #lordlonghair, which ultimately resulted in their introduction to footage and photos of Gerwatowski. The FBI is also said to have received tips about Gerwatowski via its public tip line, including from individuals that knew him personally. Tipsters, per court documents, are also said to have identified Gerwatowski as one of the individuals seen in the video below.

As seen starting around the 10:50 mark, Gerwatowski is said to be the man shouting “Let’s go!” after he opens up a door immediately after police attempted to close it off to additional rioters. Here’s more, per court documents:

“Two officers were standing directly inside and had just tried to secure the entrance, in plain sight to GERWATOWSKI and others. Once GERWATOWSKI had pulled open the door, he turned to the crowd and yelled, “Let’s Go!” and directed more rioters inside the Capitol. GERWATOWSKI then entered the building.”

Also this week, per a regional NBC News report, 21-year-old Matthew Jason Beddingfield of North Carolina was arrested in connection with the Capitol riot. 

In the year since the Capitol riot, more than 725 involved individuals have been arrested. As of earlier this month, more than 165 of those individuals had pleaded guilty to federal charges.