Watch Apple Unveil iPhone 13 and More During Special 'California Streaming' Event

Tim Cook and the Apple team are expected to roll out a new fleet of iPhones at the company's latest event, this time billed as 'California Streaming.'

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Under the titillating title of “California Streaming,” Apple is indeed back with another unveilings-stacked event.

Leading the pack in terms of what was accurately predicted to be announced by Tim Cook and company on Tuesday was the iPhone 13. Among the anticipated items accurately predicted to not be revealed during the livestream, of course, was the long-speculated Apple Car

We kept up a continually updated post while watching Tuesday’s event, which you can revisit in full up top via YouTube. And below, see an overview of what was detailed during “California Streaming.”


After a cinematically captured opening segment, Cook took the stage to shout out the state of California as a source of pride for the company. California, Cook said, is the place for “people with big ambitions and big dreams.” From there, Cook turned attention to the slate of returning and all-new Apple TV+ originals.

iPad was next to get the focus, complete with the unveiling of a new entry-level device outfitted with the A13. Users can expect improved selfies, as well as an improved overall camera experience. Support for Center Stage, which helps boost the quality of FaceTime sessions, is also included. The new iPad starts at $329, or $299 for education-related purchases. Ordering begins today, with availability set for next week.


Next to be introduced was the “biggest upgrade ever” for the iPad mini. Compared with the previous generation, the new iPad mini boasts a 40 percent jump in CPU performance. USB-C functionality has also been added, meaning it can now connect to a wide variety of accessories. The deeply overhauled iPad mini starts at $499, with ordering open today.


Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7 got the rollout treatment next. The new watch lineup features greater durability, faster charging, and larger screen size. Five new aluminum colors will be available. The Series 7 starts at $399, while the Series 3 remains at $199 and the SE starts at $279.



After an update on Fitness+ plans, the main attraction—iPhone—was given the spotlight. The iPhone 13 era boasts a new look to house its diagonally-arranged rear camera lenses, as well as five new colors. Colors include pink, blue, midnight, starlight, and Product Red. 

Brighter displays can also be expected for the new models, which operate using the A15 chip, which allows for a continuation of pushing the realities of machine learning. All told, Apple said the 13 has the fastest CPU of any smartphone, stating it’s up to 50 percent faster than top competitors.

With the most advanced dual-camera system aboard the device, the 13 experience will also allow for less noise in photos and easier capturing of inventive angles. Video-wise, the 13 adds the Cinematic Mode option. This aptly named feature aims to give iPhone users the chance to use tricks not unlike those used in top-tier Hollywood productions.

To demonstrate Cinematic Mode in action, Apple shared a short film that put this new feature to use. Cinematic Mode was designed, in the words of Apple, to allow for iPhone users to “effortlessly create cinema-grade videos.”


As for battery life, the 13 is said to last 2.5 hours longer than the 12. The 13 mini, meanwhile, is said to last 1.5 hours longer.

The 13 starts at $799, with the mini starting at $699. 

On the Pro front, Cook said this iteration marks the “most Pro” iPhone in the company’s history. Surgical-grade stainless steel bands, four finish options including a new blue, a 20-percent True Depth system, an all-new camera system, ProMotion display, a larger battery, and a fleet of A15-focused improvements are among the many brags available to the iPhone 13 Pro.


The Pro and Pro Max camera system features an all-new configuration enabling brighter and sharper low-light photos and macro photography, the latter of which would typically require a special add-on. All of the cameras, including the telephoto, will now offer Night Mode capabilities. The Photographic Styles feature, meanwhile, brings individual preferences to the forefront.

From there, viewers were treated to footage of Kathryn Bigelow and Greig Fraser putting the iPhone 13 Pro to use in the film world. “With Cinematic Mode… that’s really bringing [the iPhone] up to professional film cameras,” Fraser, who worked on this year’s Dune, said. Later this year, ProRes video—which would be ideal for Final Cut Pro users—will also be rolled out.


The iPhone 13 Pro starts at $999. For the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the starting price is $1,099. A 1TB storage option, as previously rumored, is included in the lineup. Pre-orders for all four models begin this Friday.

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