TikTok User Desperate for Clout Licks Airplane Toilet Despite COVID-19

2020 remains extremely on-brand.


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Though it hasn't explicitly been stated by the nation's top health officials, placing one's tongue on a toilet seat in hopes of fame while attempting to dunk on "poor people" is strongly advised against amid COVID-19 containment efforts. Furthermore, the practice is quite literally never recommended for any occasion.

But none of that had an impact on TikTok account holder Ava Louise, who recently shared video of her licking a toilet seat to the platform, as well as Twitter, ultimately bagging hundreds of thousands of views. 

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People got a comment from Louise, who also shared a YouTube video in which she broke down her reasoning for what she's since said was merely "a successful PR stunt" of sorts. 

"I'm looking for a record deal and a reality show about my messy life," she told the publication. Previously, Louise appeared on Dr. Phil, joking that "blacking out and peeing on your Louis Vuittons is never good."

In the YouTube-shared breakdown video below, Louise said "there's a reason" COVID-19 is "taking out" people over the age of 50.

"Because you're all idiots who ruined our country, our economy, and raised clout-chasing idiots like me, the person you all hate so much," she said. "Darwinism's doing its job by knocking you out with this virus. Not only are you ugly on the outside . . . but you're also ugly on the inside."

As for the challenge, Louise added, it "isn't real" but was made viral because "boomers turned this nonexistent challenge into a problem that didn't exist."

Of course, it could reasonably be argued that outrage-tweeting or even writing articles about said outrage serves the same promotional purpose this TikTok user originally intended, but does anything really matter anymore anyway?

At any rate, the tweets you ordered have arrived:

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