Man Known for Faking Heart Attacks to Get Out of Paying at Restaurants Reportedly Bags 20th Arrest

The 50-year-old man allegedly dropped to the floor and "pretend to be unwell" while trying to dodge his restaurant tab last month.

man holding chest in pain
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man holding chest in pain

A man known for allegedly faking heart attacks to get out of paying his bill at various restaurants has been arrested, per authorities in Spain.

In a report from the EFE news agency last month, it was revealed that the 50-year-old man (whose legal name has not been included in coverage) had most recently been arrested after he “threw himself on the ground” and “pretended to be unwell” at a restaurant in the Alicante area.

Moments earlier, the alleged con artist—who’s said to present himself at restaurants in the region as a well-to-do tourist—ordered a seafood paella with whiskey. The meal totaled 34.85 euros (about $38), which the man is accused of initially trying to get out of by claiming he needed to go to his hotel room to retrieve money.

But this isn’t the first alleged incident involving the Lithuanian citizen. In fact, the EFE report bills this particular arrest as the man's twentieth in a year’s time. Meanwhile, a separate report from Insider cites an Alicante National Police rep as confirming that same number. According to police, the man often offers a smile when cops show up to take him in.

Complex has reached out to National Police for comment. This story may be updated.

This also isn't the first allegedly fake heart attack that resulted in extensive news coverage. In August, for example, police in Florida said that a man had faked a heart attack in the middle of a traffic stop and resulting search.

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