Ivanka Trump Clowned for Celebrating AP Calling Dad’s Alaska Win When Same Outlet Declared Biden’s Election Victory

With Alaska, Donald J. Trump now has three more electoral votes, meaning—despite what he would have everyone believe—he has still lost the election.


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Donald J. Trump's refusal to accept reality got another inadvertent hole punched in it on Wednesday by way of Ivanka.

In a tweet, Ivanka—who serves as an advisor to her own father—congratulated the failed steak salesman and awareness-challenged lame duck for winning the state of Alaska. In doing so, Ivanka notably cited the Associated Press, whose own calling of the overall 2020 president election (i.e. Biden won) has been the subject of repeated undermining attempts from Donald Sr.

With Alaska, Trump receives three electoral votes, which changes absolutely nothing. Also, there is no "20 point spread."

As this is indeed an example of An Article With a Bunch of Embedded Tweets and Very Few Actual Words, here's a bunch of embedded tweets followed by very few actual words:

Previously Ivanka sagely tweeted, "Every legally cast vote should be counted. Every illegally cast vote should not."

As of late, Trump has taken up fundraising in the name of so-called "election defense." Predictably, however, donors are reportedly being misled.

Anyway, here's a song:

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