Video of Hot Dog Being Turned Into Beer Straw Dubbed 'Glizzy Straw' Has People Losing Their Minds

It's been a big year for hot dog-based inventions. The latest example of this trend sees a wiener being heroically repurposed as a beer straw.

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I Think You Should Leave fans, not to mention the world at large, were handed a heavy helping of hilarity this week in the form of a viral clip showing an individual appearing to turn a mere wiener into a functioning straw.

Though the above explanation pretty much covers it, word count requirements mean I’m going to say it again. A man has indeed been seen in a quickly-made-viral clip embarking on the unique adventure of turning a hot dog—i.e. the meat part, not the bun—into a straw for use in an alcoholic beverage.

While references to the responsibility-shirking ITYSL hot dog man have been understandably plentiful, the Yankees fan at the center of this clip is Jian DeLeon, former Complex staffer and current Men’s Fashion & Editorial Director for Nordstrom.

The clip itself was shared by @newyorknico, who hot dog scholars will note isn’t new to the inventive use of food space.

The aforementioned dog-dip clip from earlier this year inspired just as lively of a debate across social media. In a subsequent interview with MEL Magazine, the man at the center of the aforementioned Nico-shared clip—identified as comedian Kareem Rahma—asserted at the time that he did not do it “for the ‘gram.”

While debate has ensued as to whether this latest instance was a legitimately impromptu occurrence or not, one could argue it doesn’t matter given that it can inspire countless others to embark on their straw-based adventures. As for this writer, I just might be giving this method of bold hot doggery a try any day now, well-meaning critics be damned.

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