This Craft Beer Made From Recycled Sewage Water Reportedly Tastes 'Fantastic'

A San Diego brewery is turning sh*t into gold with their new Full Circle Pale Ale.

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Drinking copious amounts of alcohol is a reasonable and highly recommended activity now that the world is quite possibly crumbling into oblivion. But when life keeps giving you shit-and-lemonade mixed drinks, what else should you do? For one brewery in San Diego, the answer is super simple: Flip that shit into some drinkable beer of your own.

Stone Brewing recently debuted a beer made from water that "comes from the toilet," KGTVreported. Steve Gonzalez, Stone Brewing's Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation, said he was initially "skeptical" about using recycled water but now considers the resulting beverage one of his favorites. "Among the pale ales that I've made, it's probably in the top three," he said.

The beer has been named the Full Circle Pale Ale and is brewed using water from the Pure Water program in San Diego. Gonzalez toldKGTV the beer boasts both caramel and tropical fruit notes. "It's a very clean tasting beer," Gonzalez said. Early taste testers agreed. "It's hoppy," one tester said. "It's delicious." Though the Full Circle Pale Ale is not officially available for purchase, Stone Brewing hopes to offer the beer to the public very soon.

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With their Pure Water program, the city of San Diego is tackling the need for a "new locally-controlled, drought-proof water supply" head-on. The phased, multi-year water program aims to use purification technology in the production of one-third of the city's drinking water by 2035.

The Full Circle Pale Ale has already earned the enthusiastic approval of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who told the Times of San Diego last week that the beer was "fantastic."

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