Porn Stars Tell the World How They Really Feel About Facials

For the latest round of "Ask a Porn Star," the biggest stars in adult film get real about facials.

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*Seinfeld voice* What's the deal with facials? Sorry. Embarrassingly outdated attempts at jokes aside, what is the deal? How do men and women really feel about ejaculating on a human face? WoodRocket, as they so often do, have stepped in with some definitive thoughts on this very pressing matter in the latest edition of their "Ask a Porn Star" series.

"I love facials, especially the sexual sort," Amber Ivy (How the Grinch Gaped Christmas) revealed. For Trillium, star of the just-released Sisters Share Everything, the facial experience is nearly always a home run. "I absolutely love facials," she said. "I love cum. I've been nicknamed by friends as a cumaholic."

For others, the potential for enjoyment rests solely with one's choice of partner. "It depends on who I'm with," Nickey Huntsman (Everything Butt) said. "There are certain guys that I'm really turned on by and I'm like 'Oh god, I want their cum all over me.'" However, Huntsman added, that's hella rare. "80 percent of the time I don't want people's cum anywhere near me."

When Ryan Mclane first got into the porn game, the sheer fear of accidentally misfiring almost kept him from participating in facials at all. "When I first started, I did not enjoy giving facials to girls," Mclane said. "It made me really nervous that I would, like, miss her face or get it in the eye."

The general consensus, as the reliably scientific methods utilized by WoodRocket have revealed, seems to be that it all depends on personal preference. The potential enjoyment of a facial, sexually speaking, is all about chemistry. But having not-shitty aim probably helps, too.

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