These Are The States Where People Smoke the Most Weed

A new report shows which states smoke the most weed.

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If you're a stoner looking to make a move in the near future, NYC may not be the best option because it's cracking down on the drug despite Mayor Bill de Blasio's policies. But a new report by 24/7 Wall St. might help you decide where to head instead. The site pulled data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to figure out where in the country people smoke the most weed. 

Recreational weed is legal in four states—Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska—plus Washington, D.C., and 20 more have legalized medical marijuana. Based on the data, legal differences are reflected in residents' habits. The top two states were places where recreational marijuana is legal, and medical marijuana is legal in all of the top 12. The most popular home of smokers is Colorado, the first state to legalize recreational bud. Of Coloradans older than 12, 21.6 percent have smoked during the past year, giving the state a pretty decisive lead. 

Here are the top 10 in order:

  1. Colorado
  2. Oregon
  3. Vermont 
  4. Alaska
  5. Washington
  6. Maine
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Massachusetts
  9. New Hampshire
  10. New Mexico

Next after Colorado is Oregon, where 19.9 percent of residents have smoked during the past year. The third biggest pothead state is Vermont, with a rate of 19.8 percent, even though the drug is only legal for medical purposes there. Alaska and Washington trail closely behind, both with a rate of 19.5 percent. 

The overall smoking rate in the country is 13 percent, so it really does seem to make a difference what state you're in. 

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