Megyn Kelly Confronts Donald Trump in Interview We’ve All Been Waiting to See

Watch Megyn Kelly confront Donald Trump about his controversial campaign during a Fox interview.

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On Tuesday night, Donald Trump finally sat down for an interview with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. The two have a tense history, with Kelly going after Trump's views on women and Trump insulting Kelly during Twitter rants. But Tuesday's interview was uncharacteristically civil for the two and featured them discussing Trump's presidential campaign, his personal life, and their own relationship. 

"If I didn't conduct myself in the way I had done it, I don't think I would have been successful," Trump said, defending his campaign tactics. "If I were soft, if I were Presidential...if I had not fought back the way I fought back, I don't think I would have been successful."

Later, when Kelly confronted Trump about his controversial behavior on Twitter, he admitted he has made social media "mistakes," but he said he doesn't dwell on them. He also offered up a half-hearted apology for retweeting a tweet that compared his wife's appearance to his opponent Ted Cruz's wife. "I wish I didn't do it," he said, "although I guess you could say she's fair game because she's involved with the campaign."

Additionally, Trump defended his behavior towards Kelly. When she asked him about the time he retweeted a tweet calling her a "bimbo" on Twitter, he responded, "Over your life, Megyn, you've been called worse."

At one point, Kelly also asked Trump if anybody had ever done anything to wound him. “When I am wounded, I go after people hard, okay?” Trump replied. “And I try and un-wound myself.”

You can watch Trump and Kelly's full interview in the video above.

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