Check Out the Most Popular Netflix Show in Each State

The coasts apparently love 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.'

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Netflix's viewer numbers are a closely guarded secret. But at least one website has come up with a plausible way to figure out which of the service's shows people are watching in different states. The site HighSpeedInternet looked at 75 of Netflix's top shows (they have 75 shows?), cross referenced with information from Google Trends, and voilá—a kinda-sorta-plausible way to determine the most popular Netflix show in each state. 

You can see the map in all its glory below:

Netflix show map.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the musical comedy created by and starring Rachel Bloom, and with songs by one of the guys from Fountains of Wayne, is beloved in New York and California. Texas, unsurprisingly, is really feeling Narcos​. Bloodline is killing it in the South. And Scandal...well, everybody loves Scandal, even in a year when the real presidential election was as wild as anything you'd see on a Shondaland show. 

The most conservative states, HighSpeedInternet points out, all go either for racy R-rated fare or family-friendly shows like Gilmore Girls—no in-between. And states with lots of folks locked up unsurprisingly prefer Orange is the New Black.

If you prefer an alphabetical list instead of a map, you can check out the state-by-state results over at HighSpeedInternet.

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