There's a serious petition for airlines to stop shrinking seats

You're not wrong if you think flying coach is getting increasingly worse

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If you think airlines are making your journey less and less comfortable while getting more and more pricey, you're not imagining anything. Currently, the federal government isn't involved in setting any standards to ensure comfort and safety, but one group is trying to change that. 

More than 30,000 people have signed a petition circulated by that urges the government that will ensure the safety and comfort of passengers, regardless of how much they pay.  The letter addresses issues like protecting customers from excessive taxiing, protecting seat standards so that legroom and arm-space wont get decreased:

"The shrinkage of seats and passenger space by airlines to generate higher profits while the size of passengers has substantially increased has created an intolerable crisis situation. It is threatening the health, safety and comfort of all passengers.”

So far, the only thing the U.S. Department  of Transportation only has regulations to make sure passengers have enough legroom to just not die (escape within 90 seconds). 

The airline industry is of course, against the petition. According to The LA TimesAirlines for America rejected the idea of legroom and seat standards saying, "We also believe that government should not regulate airline seat sizes, but instead market forces and competition should determine what is offered."

Let's hope there can be an end to this airline madness. If not, we might end up with these seats from French designer Zodiac Airlines 



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