KKK Imperial Wizard Found Dead Near Missouri River After Being Reported Missing

Klu Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona was found dead under what appear to be mysterious circumstances Saturday.

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Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona was found dead Saturday under what appear to be mysterious circumstances. The 51-year old self-proclaimed "leader of the invisible empire" reportedly told his wife that his employer called him in to drive across the state to make a delivery Saturday. However, according to a report from local paper the St. Louis Daily Journal, Ancona’s employer denied this account, and the business reported Ancona missing. 

The Daily Journal confirmed Ancona delivered parts for a living and kept several firearms stored in his residence, yet the report somehow failed to mention Ancona was a prominent, high-ranking member of the KKK who made at least one high profile television appearance. 

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Events surrounding Ancona’s death make the case more complicated, as officers reported a broken safe at Ancona’s home. The social media element of what is currently being considered a murder also presents complications, as Ancona’s wife Malissa wrote a Facebook post about needing a new roommate hours before his death. Leadwood, Missouri Police Chief William Dickey told the Daily Journal that Malissa Ancona wrote the post because Frank stated he was filing for a divorce prior to leaving for his delivery. 

Hours after Ancona’s employer reached out to authorities to report him missing, a family who was fishing in the area found Ancona’s body near the Big River. 

Between factions of Twitter celebrating and his widow making Facebook posts, the reactions to Ancona’s death are mixed to say the least:

Yall celebrating the death of The Imperial Wizard of the KKK like the idea of white supremacy died along with him. pic.twitter.com/lSSq98CaLK
The Imperial Wizard of the KKK found dead? Me & the squad at his funeral: pic.twitter.com/NnX2z3oaAz
BREAKING: Black Twitter reacting to the death of the Imperial Wizard of the KKK pic.twitter.com/0epkhbyhfT
The imperial wizard of the kkk is trending for being dead but I just checked Wikipedia and Steve Bannon is still alive. Confused.
The imperial Wizard Of The kkk ... Heard Clayton Bigsby Taking his spot 😂😂😃 pic.twitter.com/mbaNKYZbYH
I didn't even know who Frank Ancona was until a couple minutes ago, but am I glad he, an Imperial KKK Wizard, is dead... pic.twitter.com/CUUDUIhFBC
KKK Grand Wizard Frank Ancona: *dying in a river*

Me, nearby, listening in: pic.twitter.com/fyNZhz4Yj4

“Law enforcement was attacked terribly on Facebook and officers were called in on their days off to help,” said Washington County, Missouri Sheriff Zach Jacobsen while speaking exclusively to Daily Journal reporters. None of the Daily Journal’s reports have mentioned Ancona’s clear connection with the KKK, and the paper hasn’t explained the omission.

We'll continue to update as more information becomes available.

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