Complex News' Millennials' Guide to Election 2016 #TheyDontWantYouToVote

Complex News put in some work in covering the 2016 election

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2016 has basically been the opening sequence from The Purge and we know you're feeling less than encouraged to vote in this election. We here at Complex News believe that you should and we're telling you why your vote counts now more than ever. We've been following this election since the very beginning, from live discussions at the Democratic National Convention to sneaking into a Trump fundraising event. Now that we're only two months away, we're giving you all the things you need to get in there and make your voice heard.
We give you the rundown on each candidate, break down the issues they stand for and prep you for November 8th. 
This year, more than any other year, we have the power to truly change the course of history but in order to do that, you have to get educated and involved because #TheyDontWantYouToVote.
But we do.

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