Petition For #JimiTheHero Memorial Plaque Sees Over 150K Signatures As Inquest Opens Into Thames Saviour’s Death

An inquest has been opened into the death of 20​​​​​​​-year-old Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole after he courageously jumped into the River Thames to save a drown...


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An inquest has been opened into the death of 20-year-old Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole after he courageously jumped into the River Thames to save a drowning woman back in April.

The woman had fallen from London Bridge into the Thames on April 24 where Folajimi—better known as Jimi—jumped into the Thames after another man to save the woman. A search team was able to locate the woman and the other man but not Jimi. By 6pm the following day, police found the body of a 20-year-old male who was identified as Jimi.

On Tuesday, an inquest heard an eyewitness observed two men jump into the river near London Bridge in an attempt to save the woman in peril.

According to Assistant Coroner Dr Julian Morris, “the boys ran down the steps to the river bank. They were talking to each other and were partially undressed. They (the witnesses) could hear people saying not to jump in. They saw one man jump in and swim out and appeared to be a good swimmer. The second jumped down five to ten seconds after and then began asking for assistance himself.”

Jimi, who was a student at the Harris Academy in Peckham, South East London, was awarded a Royal Humane Society award by the City of London Police in the wake of his selfless and heroic actions that unfortunately cost him his life.

Jimi’s uncle, Olumide Wole-Madariola, told officials nothing would bring Jimi back. However, the inquest would at least provide the family with “consolation” after their traumatic year-long ordeal.

“We do not want to blame anyone for what happened, but we want the inquest to recognise Jimi as a hero,” said Wole-Madariola said. “He should get a medal for what he has done. It would be a consolation for the family who are suffering so much. Not a day goes by without us thinking of him. He was such a good person and deserves to be remembered as a hero. We want the inquest to highlight that.”

Fortunately, the woman Jimi attempted to save made it out of the Thames unharmed, and tributes to Jimi have been left with his family—who lives in Bermondsey—over the past few months.

Dubbed ‘#JimiTheHero’ on social media, Jimi and his bravery will be forever remembered for helping someone in need.

Over 150,0​​​​​​​0​​​​​​​0​​​​​​​ have signed a petition for there to be a memorial plaque in Jimi’s honour in Postman’s Park. You can support that cause here.

Rest in peace, Jimi.

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