Because of how much I rely on my phone, I’m always a bit nervous to try anything new. That’s why when I was first tasked with testing out the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, I was a bit hesitant to do it. Thankfully, it turned out I didn’t need to be.

Over the course of a week, I tested out the Galaxy S22 Ultra, using it both for work and while off the clock. And after seven days of heavy use—day and night—I’m excited to share that it exceeded all my expectations. The Galaxy S22 Ultra completely won me over and helped me capture some of the best photos I’ve ever taken on a smartphone—I’m hooked to say the least.

This phone impressed me from the get-go. The very first thing I did when I received the Galaxy S22 Ultra was use the Samsung Smart Switch app to import over my contacts, music, pictures, and everything else I had saved on my other phone. The transfer was super seamless and gave me a sense of familiarity because I didn’t need to re-download any of my apps from scratch.

To learn more about how the Galaxy S22 Ultra can help elevate your day to day, visit or your local Samsung Experience Store for more information.